Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Frank, Frank, Frank

Let me introduce you to my new guilty pleasure.
This is Frank.
Frank the Entertainer.

As in the VH1 reality show: Frank the Entertainer, A Basement Affair.

Can I just say I love this show!?

Frank is originally a contestant on I Love New York 2.
He didn't win.
He went on to some Love of Money shows.
He got his own show.

And I am glad he did!

First of all, he's easy on the eyes.
Sure, he's only 31 & looks older
Look at that bod!

He has personality too.

On his show the contestants live in his house, with his parents.
He lives in their basement.
His mother is your typical New York mom.
Dyed red hair...more burgandy.
His father just sits back & lets the mother do most of the talking.
Think Marie Barone from "Everybody loves Raymond"

I already have my fav contestant.
I want her to win b/c she is just adorable.
In a wholesome way
Frank seems to like her.

So tell me, are you watching?
What's your guilty pleasure tv show?