Thursday, February 04, 2010

First PSA for 2010

It's time readers.
For your first official PSA of the new year.

This PSA can not come a moment too soon.
Let me say this.
It's February.
The Groundhog has seen his freakin shadow.
The Presidents are getting ready for their sales birthdays.
The day to celebrate "love" is quickly approaching.
So if your yard looks like this:

You may want to change out the decor to something like this:

That's right.
Here it is the 2nd month of the New Year & people still have Christmas decorations up.
This worries me.
Perhaps they aren't prepared to let go.
Or they just figure they will be early for next week.

Well either way, please, please take it down.

You really don't want to be wearing your Easter bonnet while posing next to your one branch Christmas tree come April, do you?