Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celtic Woman - Songs from the Heart

Thanks to Team Mom I was able to review the new cd by Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart.

Can I just say what a fabu cd!?
I am a sucker for pretty much anything Celtic but this cd will wow you even if you aren't.

The women all sing beautifully.

When their voices combine it's like angels.
Sure, that sounds cliche but I am not trying to.
It's truly the only way to describe their voices when blending together.

They do a cover of Sting's "Field's of Gold" & Billy Joel's "Goodnight my Angel". I ama not a big fan of Billy Joel in general but the way Celtic Woman cover his songs has such a new spin on it & is so relaxing to hear.

I listened to this cd in my van on the way home from work. Rush hour traffic usually has me on the edge of my seat but listening to this relaxed me. Wish I was actually in my bathtub surrounded by bubbles and candles. This is definitely a cd for some "me" time or some romantic time with your significant other.

After listening to this cd I can see why the women performed on "Dancing with the Stars". They have a soft yet strong blend to their voices and each woman on her own is amazing. My favorite track is "Amazing Grace", it starts off with bagpipes which always give me shivers down my spine.

The women all take turns singing solo as well as together. Each a cd on their own and I will be buying each one, as a group this cd will definitely be in my playlist everyday! They even have a Christmas cd. Again, another genre of music that I am a sucker for.

Currently they are touring the states. How I wish they were coming to the Philly area but sadly not anytime soon. Otherwise I would have to find a sitter and make Bobster go with me.

Tell me what are you listening to lately? What's on your playlist? Have you heard
Celtic Woman?