Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pink-spiration Sunday

Since it's whiter than white outside, thanks to a little thing called a Nor'Easter, I thought a little Pink-spriation was in order.

Let's browse, shall we:
Wouldn't these be cool to see at a 4th of July spectacular??!!??
Or on some "Super Sweet 16" show?
Oh you know it would.


Now we have beautiful Pyrex dishes.
These remind me of my Nana & Poppy 'cept they didn't have the pink.
I would love to have the pink!


How beautius McDavis is this?
Could you imagine walking up to this?
Reminds me of the mansions in Newport, RI.
Have any of you ever been?

Now this is really about the dog

BUT how much cuter is the dog w/ pink glasses!!!

Finally, couldn't you see yourself cruising down the shore in this puppy?
I love PINK!
What's your color inspiration???


All other photos are from weheartit