Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Child Labor laws? We don't need no stinkin child labor laws!

We have entered the stage.
The stage where as parents we realize what we had children for.

That's right.
No, not the kind where you push him (He was a c-section babe, hello! 11 pounds, 1 ounce, 15mm head....I was not pushing THAT out!).
The kind of labor where you say:
"Cheeks, run upstairs & get mommy her bag"
"Son, get daddy his sneakers"
"Cheeks, you made the spill, get a towel & help clean it up"

It's refreshing.
I'm thinking of hiring him out.
We could use the extra cash.

I know. I know. It's fleeting.
In a few short years I will have to bribe him to do anything.
I'm not above bribery....remember we have an 11 yo & a 16 yo.

For now, we have a more than eager helper.
And I, as his mother, want to nurture that side of him.
Now where is he? I need the van washed!



Tara O

Great stage, eh? LOL!!! Don't forget to hand his the kitchen cloth and have him wipe the table off after a meal. LOL!!!


We joke about this all the time! Colt loves to watch his Dad through the windows when he mows the grass - and we always joke about how we can't wait for him to be the one out there!!


Nice, Meghan...real nice. Follow my new blog...yes yes you must!