Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meg Ryan's Mom

Back a little ways I asked for ideas to do with Cheeks for the cold winter days since NJ experienced a winter like Minnesota.
I said I would feature those that gave me some ideas.

Well out of all my followers only one took up my offer.

That was Meg Ryan's Mom from Look It's Megryansmom

She suggested I take some snow & put it in the tub to let Cheeks play.
I liked the idea sadly, I never did it & now there is no snow left...THANK GOD!

Anywho, first let me just say she is not Meg Ryan's mom, like the Nana thought. The Nana was impressed & thought I was communicating with Meg Ryan's mom. Nana's a pretty woman, kwim?

Now the reason she has such great ideas is because she watches her grandsons. Check out her blog to see what cuties they are! One is just a few months old...I love me some chubby babies & her youngest grandson is a chubber!!!

She also blogs for Chicago Mom's Blog, like I blog for NJ Mom Blog. And she is very witty!!!

So go check her out.
Tell her I sent you.
I even noticed my sister is following her.
She must be cool if Erin is following her.




Wow, people actually think I'm witty? And a 20 something thinks I'm cool, I've died and gone to Heaven. Thank you!