Monday, March 29, 2010

Ranch Life

So while the dulcid tones of the movie "Spiderman 2" play in the background I was perusing the internet & reading one of my fav blogs:
The Pioneer Woman
Ever read her blog?
If not, go, do not hesistate, just go
Check out her cookbook:
The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I digress.
So I said to my beloved.
"Hon, if you ever wanna live on a ranch, I wanna live on a ranch like this one"
Then, ala Vanna White, I turned the monitor & showed him her blog.

He says
"You could never live on a ranch. You wouldn't make it one day"
I in turn scoff & reply
"Yes I could. I could live on a ranch. I don't want to work it, just live there"
And he in turn comesback w/
"Um, that's the purpose of living on a ranch, to work it"
Oh that poor man, too many years of heavy lifting & such has left him slightly left of center.
"Bob, if we can afford a ranch, I will live & run the home part & you & the ranch hands will work the ranch. You have 3 strapping young boys, there are your ranch hands"

For some reason he snorted at me & rolled his eyes.
I'll show him.

I will turn my little suburban townhouse into a ranch & it will be magnificient.
Now does anyone know how to wrangle some Canadian geese?