Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a beau;tiful day in the neighborhood!

And thanx to P&G & Pantene my day is even more beautiful.
Awhile back they were running a contest via Facebook to win some cool things.
So I entered.
I try to enter a lot of things.
I once read that the more contests you enter, the more you win.
I am finding this to be true.

A couple weeks ago I was checking my "spammy" email.
Lo & Behold I saw something that said "win, prize", words like that.
Normally, I just delete but this time I opened.
Thank God I did.
Feast your eyeballs on this:

I, apparently, won one of the prizes.
A gift box of a few of their products.
Let's check out what was in there.
6 Oil of Olay Rejuviniste Eye Roller things (and yes that is the technical name for them!"
4 Cover Girl Lash Blasts (Love these!)
4 Secret Clinicals Deodorants
Venus Razor
Venus Refills
4 Oil of Olay Body Wash Ribbons
4 Satin Care Shaving Gel
6 Pantene Shampoos
6 Pantene Conditioners
A partridge in a pear tree!

Can you believe it?
I have aready given some of my winnings to my mom & sister.
I was so excited to win & then see it show up at my door!!!

Tell me, do you enter contests?
Have you ever won?
What is the coolest thingyou ever won?




I don't normally because I NEVER win! I could be the only entrant and still lose!


Hey Meghan-if you want to get rid of one of those Oil of Olay eye Roller things-your Dear Aunt Patty would love one!!! LOL I"ve checked them out in the store and was wodering if they were any good!!!