Friday, May 13, 2011

Health Screening aka Scared Me To Death

Yesterday our health insurance came to our work place to give a free 15 min health screening.
No need to fast.
No need to do anything but walk to the training room.

So I did.
The nurse pricked my finger.
Took some blood.
While the blood went into some machine, she took my blood pressure.
Are you ready for this?
Wait for it.

Wait for it.

144 over 108.

Do you know that is high?
Yea, blew me out of my seat as well.

She waited about 5 minutes & took it again.
The same.

Apparently I am in Hypertension Stage 1.
Good times.

As for my glucose reading, that put me in the pre-diabetic stage.

They couldn't get a cholestoral reading on me becaus their machine doesn't read under 15 on the HDCL. 
My overall number is ok.

BMI index?
Well let's just say "Oh. My. God!"

My dad had a heart attack at 38.
Quadruple bypass at 50 something.

I do not want to experience either.

Both of my parents are diabetic.
I had an 11 pound, 1 ounce baby.
Passed the diabetic testing they give you but the hosp ped. said they had to have misread it.

Am I scared?
Am I upset?
Yes, but I did it to myself.
No one else was shoving Twix bars down my throat.

So wish me luck in my endeavor to get my health back on track!