Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My First Vlog~Take Two

Think the kinks are worked out.
Let me know if I talk funny!



o m g... meghan you're a riot. naturally funny. loved it when you said what do you say when you enter a room and the way you said hello... bobby heard you talking and thought it was me talking to myself at the desk. he thinks you sound like me... he's obviously deranged... keep doing this EVERY DAY.. it was GRRRRRRRRRREAT.
um you dont know me this is totally unsolicited and unbiased.


You are so cute! And no you don't talk funny. You don't sound like a JOISEY girl at all.


Great Job Megan! Love the vlog!! oh, and it's a Daddy Long-leg that they are talking about.


Love the vlog...What do you call the colorful things you put on ice cream?
great to see you!!!


You don't sound funny to me. But, that's coming from a Philly girl ; )
Thanks for entering my Monster Jam giveaway.