Monday, May 16, 2011


First, I'd like to take this moment to say, it's officially 2 months til my birthday.
Get to shopping now peeps.
In a mere 2 months, I will be, ahem, 29, 35 ok, fine! 41.
I think to celebrate you should all get me 41 gifts.
Hello, anyone out there.

I digress.

I'd like to discuss quirks.
You know like this:

I want to know one of your quirks.

Like do you wear funny jewelry? Do you like certains foods that traditionally do not go together? Do you have to avoid stepping on cracks to avoid breaking your mother's back?

One of my quirks is food related.
Then again, look at my shape, how is it NOT food related.

I have to say I love the skin of pudding or the skin that forms when Jello sets, at the bottom.
Oh my!

I just bought premade pudding tonight.
Sad to say, no skin on it.
Not that it wasn't deliciouso, it was mucho deliciouso but with out the skin, it was missing that certain something.

So leave me a comment & tell me one of your quirks!