Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This advice goes out to all the singers/groups that are turning out songs left & right.

My advice is...there is no need to say/sing your name in the sone.

A great example of this is:
Jason Derulo
I really believe that every single he has out he sings his name.

Today I heard a song on a local top 40's station & it was by Nikki Minaj.
I knew it was by her because after a minute, she rapped her name.

Britney Spears did it on her one song where in the beginning she goes "It's Britney b*tch"

Obviously these singers think this is what one should do.

I have decided to start referring to myself in the 3rd person.
Like when I enter a room I will sing "It's Meghan".
When I great my mom I will say "It's Meghan b*tch"  I expect to not have any teeth left after that greeting.

So singers/groups, do us a favor, just leave your name out of the songs.  The dj/vj will tell us who the song is by.  Trust us.  That's how it's been since, well, since the age of radio/MTV.

Oh & as for getting your name tattooed onto your body...really?
Is this in case you forget who you are?




I HATE that too!!! And I purposefully will change the channel whenever Jason Derulo comes on just for that reason. SO EGOTISTICAL!!!

Sarah, Three Boys

Your are hilarious & SOOOO right! What is there problem? And who is the person telling them that this is a good idea??