Monday, July 11, 2011

Production Duction, What's Your Function?

Alright, who remembers the original School House Rock?
I loved those little education diddies.

Ahem, "I'm just a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill".

Anyway, when I say I've been productive, I have been productive.

First, I cooked dinner 2 nights in a row.
Yea, go me.
Seriously, this is productive.  I usually cook a night, make pasta, then order out, then make a sandwich, then go with cereal, then say screw it & feed the children bagels & yogurt.
I am stellar, no?

Anyway I made Tuscan Pork Chops night before last.
OMG! Delish.
If you want, I will post the recipe.  Let me know.

Tonight, caesar salad & tacos.

Then I cleaned up & made a meat loaf for dinner tomorrow.
Although it is quite small, so it may just be for Bobster but cest le vie.

Then I started the laundry.
Put some laundry away.
Gave Cheeks a bath (well ok he played, I poured soap over him, bath over).

Now I just have to make the King's lunch. 

How have you been productive lately?  Let me know.



First, LOVE the title to this post!
Second, kid and I have been getting up early enough to prepare lunch and eat breakfast without the mad dash.