Saturday, May 03, 2014

100 Happy Days #36 & #37

Howdy Ho Neighbor. 
Quick, who used to say that?
Sitcom neighbor from the 90's.
10 points for the answer.

Yesterdays's happy was easy.
It was Friday and the day went by fairly quickly.

Today's happy is a photo happy for prosperity.

Two of my favorite men, eating vanilla ice cream right out of the container.
A light snack.
It made me happy because it made me realize just how much my son loves his daddy & his daddy loves him.
I wouldn't share my ice cream with anyone.
Woeppel's do not share ice cream.  Right Aunt Patty? Dad? 

Seriously, I just loved it.
Shows the dad/son bond they have.
Made my heart feel great!

What's your happy today?