Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh no you din't!

I work in an office.
A large office.  With a warehouse.
Probably about 120 people, give or take .

I’ve been in this building for 6 years.
I bring in my breakfast sandwiches and put them in the freezer.  This way I have them when I get to work and do not have to stop at WaWa for a Sizzli.

I brought a brand new box in yesterday, threw it in the freezer but forgot to write my name on it. 
This shouldn’t have been a problem because the last box I didn’t write my name on it and no one touched it.
Not so much with this box.
I went to get one of the four biscuits this morning.  Imagine my surprise when I found the box open and one biscuit left.
Yes, someone or some people, at my food and left me one.
Guess I should be grateful.

Who does that?
You know you didn’t buy it.
You also know that my company doesn’t provide you with breakfast so those sandwiches belong to someone who shelled out money for them.

I was going to put a sign up, well I did but took it down because I didn’t want to get it trouble.
Here is what it said:

The balls of some people just astound me.
Didn’t their parents teach them any better?
Do they not know right from wrong?
Or do they just not care?

I would have given the whole box away, had he/she/they just asked.
That’s all it would have taken.
“May I please have one?”
Sure thing.  Take them all if you want.

It just made me feel violated.

Have you had someone eat your food at work? Or worse?


Sandra VanHoey

My mom and I worked together years back in a factory. This happened to us almost daily, we brought in a lunch and it was gone. Finally, my mom got so tired of it she made a batch of cupcakes and told her friends at work the ones with chocolate shavings on top, do not touchm that is ex-lax I believe it was. So, nobody took them but sure enough, on our lunch break, every one of them were gone. Guess what happened next? That evening, our foreman and the entire maintenance crew all disappeared. Most didn't make it in the next day either, they had spend their day in the bathroom.My mom said good, it didn't belong to them and if they had not stolen, this would not have happened. Nothing was taken after that and the thieves were caught