Monday, May 19, 2014

Strong-Armed by a Second Grader

This is the story of how a 7yo boy strong-armed his mother.
His one and only mother.
Not like my older two…they have me, stepmom Meghan, and their mom.
They are lucky…two moms.
Of course, they have strong-armed me in the past as well.
This tale is how I got taken by the 7yo.  I think he has learned the tricks from his older brothers.

We went to Toys R Us on Saturday morning to buy a gift for a birthday party that was starting at 11am.   We to “mecca” at approximately 9:45am.  Immediately upon entering the store the whining began. 

“Please can I get something” “No, we are here for Gabe’s present”.
“Mom! All my toys are boring” “Well then when we get home you can donate them”.
“I’ll never ask for anything ever again” …I didn’t dignify that with an answer.

I grabbed the gift, while my son perused the aisles (note: aisle is what you find in a store, isle is a small mass of land surrounded by water…just a personal pet peeve)

Keep in mind for about 18 mos, on a daily basis, my entire family has heard how much my son wants a Lego Hulk.
I searched to no avail for it in stores and online.  Even Ebay.
I did find one kit that had him in it but it was going for over $150.
No. no. no.

Well we sauntered over to the Lego aisle.  I told him if he could find something $5.00 or less, I would get it.
We looked and looked.  Surprise, nothing that cheap.
The he saw it. Top shelf.

The Hulk Smash Lab.

Cheeks eyes glazed over, he started to quiver and he goes “MOM! LOOK!”
I could see the light shining behind the lab, & I heard the same Angels Cheeks did, singing Hallelujah.

We checked the price and it was up there. 
At first I told him no.

The tears flowed and his lip came out so far I thought of putting a hook on it to hang my coat.
I held strong.
I made it all the way through check out where he began to sob.

That’s when I lost it.
Next thing I know I was in the checkout lane again buying it.

I am now the best mom ever.
He promises to be good til the end of time.
Of course, he will never be mouthy again (that lasted til this morning).
He has thanked me a million times and keep saying he thinks he’s dreaming.

And that is how I was strong-armed into buying the Lego Hulk!