Thursday, May 01, 2014

Guess What I Got? (Day 35)

Yes, yours truly got Jury Duty.
Just Petit, thank goodness.
I was originally called for 20 consecutive Fridays in the capitol of NJ...Trenton.  I live about 90 mins from there.  Not to mention my job only pays for 5 days of Jury Duty.
Hello! Financial hardship anyone?

That's what I plead & they gave me one day of Petit.

How could it be that having it made me happy?
Well I got there at 8:45 (15 mins late thanks to weather related traffic), watched a 15 min. video on why I should be proud to serve, then played on my electronic devices til 12.  Just as my Nook was going to die, they announced we could go home.

At 12!

I serve Jury Duty every 3 years and never, ever have I gotten released that early.
I was so happy I skipped.
Oxygen was needed but I skipped!

So happy that I took Bob out to lunch.
Cheesecake Factory.
I now can not move!  It was delish tho.

So what did it for you today?