Friday, October 13, 2006

Had to do two posts because blogger wouldn't let me upload all of them on one post.



Hi, I'm a lurker...but I just had to say how ADORABLE those pictures are!! He's so cute with his big chubby cheeks! Love the ones with him laying on the pumpkins and sitting on the bench!

the nana

dare i say he's the beautiful baby in the world next to mine? oh wait he ISSSSSS one of mine..baaahahaha
that sommmmmmmmme face


Hey Meghan, What a cute baby!!! I love,love,love the pictures!!! Especially the first one with Ethan on the bench. I think my Great nephrew is so handsome he should be in pictures, a baby model perhaps!


Absolutely PECIOUS!

Angel's Imaginations

So cute! What an adorable pic, Meghan! :-)


OMG that is just soooo adorable!!!! What a cute baby! Cheeks is adorable!