Monday, October 02, 2006


I see fishies!!! I see them! I see them! Look at them, so colorful, so I want them fried or broiled?

As you can see Cheeks got a new seat today. His original bouncy seat was too small for him from the beginning so he used it maybe 3 times, if that. If anyone would like to buy it for a mere $25 dollars, lemme know! It's in A+++++ condition.

So on Sat I went to Friendly's with my dad & Cheeks. The host (a young, boy of about 17) asked how many. I replied "2 & this stoller". Now he could clearly see the babe, so what does he say. Oh this is good:

"Would you like a child's menu?"

Um, yes, my 6 week old will have the hotdog platter & while you are at it, throw in some crayons so he can hit himself in the eye with it since he has no hand/eye control. Hello!? That is who will be running our country in my Golden years. Scarey!

So I hit Target the other day, spent $100, hit Walmart today & spent another $100. Yea, just spending it like I got it.

On a sad note, a man walked into an Amish school today (Amish country is only 90 mins away from here) & took the young girls hostage. He then wounded several & killed some, then turned the gun on himself. His reason...seeking revenge for something that happened when he was about 12. How sad & scarey. This can happen anywhere. I am by no means an advocate for homeschooling (those that do it, no offense) but this is a reason to keep your little ones with you.

Woops out!



He looks like he is enjoying his new seat and watching them fishies. Just sad about the Amish school. This is a crazy world. Scares me to let my son out the door each moring. Too funny about the kid asking about a child menu. That is a hears your sign moment. lol


That's hilarious! Love the fishies! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking, but I doubt the kid had a clue when someone starts to feed an infant...umm....chicken fingers?? Jeez LOL