Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mommy's first day back to work!

Who survived? By the looks of this photo it wasn't Erin. :>)

Maybe it was Cheeks? He looks as if to say...well it wasn't that bad but we had an incident

What incident you ask? Well it seems that Cheek's diaper might not have been tight enough b/c he EXPLODED all over Aunt Erin. Somehow it's up the back of his clothing & Erin has it all down her leg.! Fortunately, both got cleaned up & from what I can see only Erin is traumatized by it.

As for me. I survived. No pics of me today. I was in a staff meeting from 9:30 to 3:30 so I wasn't able to really call home. Sure my mind wasn't really on the meeting but that was to be expected. I didn't cry but the separation anxiety did set in on the way to work. I missed him so much but I made it to the end of the day. Sure, my stomach was in a knot b/c I feel I should be home with him but if I want health insurance for my son & a roof over his head, back to work I go!

That's it. I am home, Cheeks is upstairs, I think asleep and in a few hours I will give him his last bottle & call it a night.

Woops out!



Oh boy, don't I remember those days. Aunty Erin will survive.. how can she stay mad at that cute face??

Reward yourself with extra magic shell tonight.. you deserve it!

Kathy Carr

Way to go Meghan. The first day is the hardest.


So glad you both made it through the day :) I'm sure you'll all three be fine lol Get loads of rest!!


You did fine - I know you must've been so antsy in that meeting! Looks like Cheeks did well too! I'm sure Erin will bounce back and learn from the explosion!


I'm glad everyone survived the day! Poor Aunt Erin!! She's learned a really BIG lesson in diapering though! :) Hang in there girl....you're back to work for all the right reasons.


Glad all 3 of you made. It is a live and learn experience for Erin. lol

Deanna Payne

Meghan, I am so sorry you have to work, but having done day care and knowing he is with his Auntie Erin makes me think he will be just fine. I just love all your new pictures since the last time I read your blog. He is a doll and you...Well, your nutty. But that is what makes you so fun!


LOL it's not likely to be the last time sweet Cheeks explodes on Auntie Erin - poor girl...

Boys are especially bad about this Meghan - just to let cha know.

So glad everyone survived the first day so well. Gad I can't imagine an all day staff meeting. Mercy.



Everyone weathered the first day fairly painlessly...and that's wonderful. Going back to work isn't easy Meghan, however you are doing it for your child and that's what is important. Keep pluggin away girlfriend...it will get easier ... and that's a promise!


Hey girl, it gets easier...really it does. When the baby learns all this cool stuff you didn't teach them, you know they are with good people! LMBO about the blowout! LOL