Friday, October 06, 2006

See that tushie?

How can that small, teeny, tiny tushie create so much poopie!???? I was very surprised to see what awaited me in the diaper today. It was enough to use as spackle for a 9ft wall. YUCK!

The photo is from Cheek's infant portrait session. Is it not gorgeous??????!!!!!!!!!!???????? Look at that tush? I love a baby's tushie.

I am attempting to get him on some sort of nap/bedtime schedule. As I type he is upstairs in his crib crying. I put him down & in 15 mins will go get him if he's still crying. He woke up at 4am, had a bottle & went back down. Got up at 8, had a bottle & hung out. He napped for 10 mins here, 15 min's there, so I think he had maybe 25 mins of a nap before lunch. Ate his lunch, then fell asleep for about 15 mins. Then he played with the fishes & I changed him & put him down. Now he is crying. Breaks my heart but I know he needs a nap. I have to be strong & not run up there & get him. He likes to be held during the day to fall asleep. I don't mind but he can't become dependent on it.

On a scrappy note I moved my supplies to the downstairs & all the holiday crap upstairs. On a sad scrappy note, Scrapbook Answers is stopping publication. What a bummer! It was a great mag & I had a free sub that just started :( Go figure!

Woops out!



How right you are about becoming dependent. My son wouldn't fall asleep on his own to save my life because I always held him...bad, bad Jacquie.

ps...please send me addy so I can send cheeks his keepsake box.


OMG'sh what an adorable photo!