Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here is proof that 7 year old's sleep. He looks so quiet & peaceful yes? BAAHAAAHAA! I was up at 4am feeding Cheeks & Christopher, who was asleep when the photo was taken, decided it was time to play some Playstation. Um, I don't think so. I sent him back to bed & he went but he wasn't happy about it.

Here are the photos from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Well really just the store. When we got there, it was spitting out & very dark clouds. Bobby didn't want to risk getting into the patch with the boys & Cheeks to only have to race back in the rain. Fair enough.

As the following photos show, all 3 boys got their own pumpkins. Chris picked out Cheeks pumpkin. What a good big brother. Bobby told Timmy that if he could lift it we would buy it for him. Um, yea, might want to check with Meghan on that one. Anyway how could I say no to that agreement. So Timmy lifted the gigundo pumpkin you see below. Hmm...normally not a big deal but pumpkins were .69 cents a pound! His pumpkin was $34 dollars!!!!!!
So our trip to the patch was $74 dollars....
3 Pumpkins
1 Mum (for my mommy, she likes Yellow mums!)
1 Pumpkin Pie (because the Bobster wanted one & I won't ever make it b/c I think they are
1 box of Chocolate Covered Pretzels (b/c Chris is an extortionist in training & I made a deal with him the night before...get me more of MomMom's macaroni salad & I will buy you another chocolate covered pretzel!)
There ya have it.
Next year, no trip, just pick up the Pumpkins at Walmart.

So the boys & Bobby carved the pumpkin. I took photos & swept up the mess. Cheeks slept but as you can see in the photo he was just thrilled to begin with. BAAHAAHAA.
And here is the finished product. This is the 1st year EVER that I have carved pumpkins lit up on my porch!!!! I am like a little kid & I light them everynight & keep looking at them thru the screen door. I know, I am a dork!

Well, Cheeks had his 2 month check up. 24 3/4" long & 16lbs, 14 ounces! DAMN! That's a big boy! He's was fussy Tues night but was his bright cheery self yesterday & today. Thankfully! He's a happy baby which I love. He coos & laughs all the time.
He also stares at my painting of an Amish girl. My sister is convinced she talks to him. LOL The photo is mainly black & white so I know he is staring at it b/c of the contrast.
Hmmmm...what else??? what else???? Nothing really. Second week back to work. I am exhausted at the end of the day after Cheekers goes to bed. I still have separation anxiety but I know he is in good hands & I communicate with my sister all day thru. AOL IM's so it's not too bad.
Can you believe it's 59 days til Christmas????? I have 2 things for Bobby, one thing for my sister & one thing for Cheeks. Still tons more to buy, but I figure when I am running errands if I see something I will pick it up & I will start my serious shopping after Halloween.
Well I am beat. Must finish checking my mail & go to bed!
Woops out!



It's always so good to 'hear' from you Meghen.

I wish my family would be into the whole Jack-o-Lantern thing. They just don't care.

Angel's Imaginations

You are having just too much fun, girlfriend! It'll be a really fun Halloween this year for you. Have fun! Cheeks is getting so big! What a sweetie! :-)


Wowsers. Tomorrow is Justin's 2 month appt. I think he's 24 inches but not quite 16 lbs. Holy man! Isn't it fun carving a pumpkin? .64 a pound. OUCH! Ours were .29 and we thought that was bad! LOL