Thursday, December 28, 2006

You might be asking yourself why I posted a pic of my blurry tree or you might be thinking why the heck would I care that she posted a blurry pic? Well I posted it b/c that is what the holiday felt like...a blur. Over in the blink of an eye. All the prep, all the anxiety & in a matter of minutes, the wrap is flying & the kids are saying "NEXT."

Cheekers 1st Christmas was great. Very nice. He slept most of the day. I think the excitement got to him plus he is cutting teeth so he is a little on the cranky side. My sister, Michelle, & her husband surprised everyone by showing up. They moved to No. Carolina after their wedding in Sept. It was nice to see her & the 1st time she got to see Cheeks.

Speaking of Cheeks, he had his 4 month dr. visit. On his 18 week b-day, he weighed in at 22lbs, 2oz & 27inches long. The dr. said I might want to cut back on feedings. Um, okay. She doesn't even know he is on cereal & baby food. She thinks it's strictly formula! So, since I don't want to be on Maury Povich, with my 250lb 2yr old, Cheeks is only getting food for breakfast & late lunch know. Of course, he will still get his bottle but we need to cut back on the foodie food. Poor kid! I am sure once he get's to walking he will thin out. I mean, his thighs, make the Michelan Man look anorexic. Really, they do!

So did anyone get a favorite Christmas gift? Leave me some blog love & let me know what you got!!


Tara O'Rourke

JEEZ....Cheeks weighs more than my 2 year old! And I find that funny-not because I think Cheeks is fat but because I think Miss Emily needs to follow him around and eat what HE'S eating-ROTFLOL!!

I know exactly what you mean by the holiday being a big huge blur. A blurry whirlwind to be more exact! It was crazy here.


Ugh feeding the little ones can be such an ordeal! Are you feeding too much? Too little? How can you let them go hungry so they...grow slower? I have no idea but feeding babies is such a HUGE debate I shudder at the memories.
Glad you had a great albeit blurry Christmas! They will only get more hectic as Ethan is able to participate, so hold onto your Santa hat! LOL
My Fav present? An enlarged photo of my 3 girls all nicely framed and hung on my wall.

Lissa Ballard

It was a blur - anyone with kids will attest to the same!

He's perfectly precious Meghan. My Taylor was a huge butter ball too. And now, he's tall and thin and handsome. Don't worry cutting back will be helpful, but you'll know when it's enough and when it's not.