Monday, December 18, 2006

This is what happens after a long day of Christmas shopping with Mommy on Saturday. His last day in his infant seat. Sunday he went to his big baby car seat. :<(
Now my tale of woe today...MY NEIGHBORS! For the love of God, they are the noisiest people ever!!!! We share a wall & neither of us have carpet, so I am sure noise is amplified BUT after I put Cheekers down for the night, the dinner show begins. The kids are so loud that I can hear them through my monitor clear as day. I hear thump, boom, crash & cries & that's not through the monitor. I hear screaming & whining through the monitor. It was so bad the other night, Cheeks woke up. I don't know how to tell them that they are extremely noisy w/out offending them, but I don't fancy my baby waking up b/c their 2 year old shriek's like a banshee. What to do??? What to do??? For now I guess nothing but drop broad hints!
One of our trucking companies at work sent all the girls Hershey tower's of chocolate. YES! I am in choco~heaven!!!!!!!! Is it any wonder my ass is the size of a Mack truck!
Woops out.



OMG, you crack me up. I always say that my face looks like it's been run over by a mack truck every time I get a face full of zits! lol

Not many ppl use that term that I know!

Kathy Carr

Sorry to hear about your neighbors. I have wonderful neighbors and guess I shouldn't take that for granted!

Another adorable photo!!


Bummer on the neighbors, I am SO intolerant of noise I am sure my kids think their names all end in SHHHHHH. Taylor SHHHHH! Holly SHHHHHH! Annika for Heaven's sake SHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL Gorgeous photos you've been posting, thanks so much for making sure YOU are posted in them too! I love seeing your photos! Merry Christmas!