Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The first & so far only layout I have scrapped since Cheeks birth. This was for my last newsletter with the design team at www.theuntamedscrapper.com. I resigned today. With working full time, taking care of the babe & the house & trying to run errands & spend time with the Bobster (when he is home) I don't know when I can fit in scrapping. I felt it wasn't fair to them that I stay on the team I am sad to go but I had to do what I had to do.
Anyway the layout is from last Christmas. Timmy was 12. He's now 13 & you can sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo see the difference a year in the life of a pubesant boy does. LOL Poor thing! One minute he sounds 8, the next he sounds 38. His voice cracks & goes deep. Too cute!
Still haven't gotten the babies Christmas portraits done. Doesn't look like I will either. Kiddie Kandids & all the other walk in places are so busy that the wait is like 3hrs. Um, yea, not so convenient with an infant. It's ok tho. I will have my sister, the budding photographer take his pic. She loves to do photo sessions with him. She even uses props. Don't ask!
So who say "The Year without a Santa Claus" movie? Such a disappointment. Harvey Firestein was Heat Miser & very scarey! He's definitely a man who needs facial hair. Delta Burke didn't look bad as Mrs. Claus, but they grey hair...oiye! kvetch! Anywho, the movie sucked so bad, I fell asleep before it was over!
On the note...woops out!



Meggers we'll miss you. visit often!!!!


Sorry you had to resign. I had to give up one of my two - it was just too much but I'm still keeping up with the one. It's a lot of work. Sorry you didn't get the photos :( We always do Christmas photos before Thanksgiving so it isn't too crazy.


Meghan sorry to hear you had to resign.... hopefully at a later date you'll be able to follow through. I know with a little one it is so hard to just keep up with housework yet alone every thing that comes your way. But, on the bright side and the best side you have Cheeks and they is so worth everything even the mess in the living room or the poopy diapers!!! Take care and have a happy holiday. love your blog it is so fun to read!


What a bummer. I'm sure everyone will miss you!!!

Kathy Carr

Adorable layout Meghan. Sorry to hear you resigned from Untamed but I do understand. Sometime life gets in the way and you have do what's best for yourself and the little one!