Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Happened

Not to fret Cheeks, after last night it's smooth sailing in the sleep department!
This little one has been miserable lately.
Tonight I was putting something in his mouth (or taking it out, who can remember) when I noticed the reason for his mood.
The bottom 2 yr molars have broken through.
Poor kid.
I once was told that an adult couldn't stand the pain associated with cutting teeth.
I wish I had some advance warning...I would have at least given him Tylenol.

Nothing really blogworthy to note.
Kids went home.
Erin took them home for me.
Bobster should be here for Easter...keep those fingers crossed.

Am watching "Big Give" by Oprah.
Damn her!
I said I wasn't going to cry but the tears sprung to my eyes.
I'm such a schmuck.

So what makes you cry?
I know that I cry when I don't get comments (shameless plug for comments but I gotta do whats I gotta do!).

Hey, before I go, did you ever click that "next blog" button up there?
Do it.
I found some interesting ones today.

Woops out!



Poor Baby - I hope he is feeling better. My pediatrician told me to give the boys frozen waffle sticks or frozen french toast sticks. They are cold and they taste good. That little trick always worked for the boys.


I've hit the next button a few times; some blogs I've enjoyed and others I just think, 'hmmmm'.