Saturday, March 08, 2008

Years later....

and I finally start to fart around with Photoshop.
The above photos are from Old San Juan. When I went to see the Bobster back in September.
I really, really like how the retouched photo came out!!
Now to just remember how I did it.
Do you know that when you get Adobe Photoshop, it doesn't come with any instructions on how to use it? Just to download it. Sort of like baptism by fire!

Today was Cheeks day of tantrums.
I mean, really, he had like 20 today.
We started the day with a playdate with my Godson, Aidan. He is 2, very soon to be 3. They get along pretty well & enjoy each other.
Plus it gives me & Kath (Aid's mom) an excuse to get together once a week.
Then we hit up Wendys & Target.
By the time we got to Target Cheeks was way past his nap.
Downhill from there.
Even Christopher couldn't get him to be happy & Chris is probably his favorite person.
Let me just say that when Chris walks in the room, angels sing & light shines behind him, according to Cheeks.
The tantrums continued but he went to bed at 8 & well, I'll be honest, I kissed him goodnight & sighed a sigh of relief.
Let's hope tomorrow is better.

So I was just watching a movie.
Don't know the name of it.
Bunch of soldiers dropped off in the middle of the desert, have to get back on their own.
One catch: Mutants live in the mines where they were dropped off & are killing the soldiers while they try to get out.
My question to you is...these people are mutants, bad smell, bad dental issues, goo coming out their mouth, so how the heck does the one get glasses.
He had them.
He was apparantly legally blind b/c he used his sense of smell to find his victims & he couldn't shoot very well but he had glasses. His teeth were falling out of his head but he had Coke bottle thick lens glasses.
Is it just me or does this make the movie less believable?
I mean, when you go on cross country trips, do you find yourself coming face to face with mutants? Are they wearing glasses when they try to kill you? Let me know!

On that note, the wind is kicking up & I think a house just fell on someone's sister out there so I am out!

Woops out!



Hey Meghan - The boys are 7. I'll let you know when the tantrums stop. There are days when I just pray for bedtime. Deafness and bedtime :-)


Sometimes I wonder who watches movies and programs first for accuracy. I mean, come on, are we idiots? Do we not think about the little things. Oh, that's right, they gear those types of movies/shows to men and well, enough said!


Awesome Abby

So funny! We took the same pix! I have so many of the old buildings, etc...I took over 350 photos in less than 3 days! How crazy is that?!?!?