Thursday, March 13, 2008

$150K for a House! This I can afford

So I found the perfect house!!!
5 bedrooms.
Huge ass kitchen w/ a family room off of the kitchen.
Sure, chocolate brown carpet but that can be removed I thought.

Then as I was talking to my companion while looking at the house, I thought, hmmm...I must chose this house in hopes the Bobster likes it.

Now this house was Audubon, just a town over, so I was still close to my family
I really like the kitchen.
So I was thinking "Oh this is great"

This is when I realized, that my companion was Brian.
You mean, Brian my ex????
No, silly readers, Brian.
The talking dog from "Family Guy".

Then I realized that I was pointed in this direction by the crazy monkey that drove his Toyota Celica into the African bush outside the bay window.

Yes, yes.
It was all a dream!
I felt like friggin Pam Ewing in Dallas.

Such a disappointment.

Now take a look at this pic.
Please, please come out of lurkdom & leave me a comment or sadly, Duckie down there isn't going to see the next bathtub!

~Woops out!



I dont comment a lot but I am here and I read all the time.

Im Amy from Kennesaw, Ga!

Miss Mommy

I'm here too Meghan...should be here a bit more

I'll try harder, I promise!!


You make me laugh!!!


im' always mom


I read your blog all the time...actually get upset when I check and there is nothing new!

Wish I could keep up with my own blogging like you do!