Monday, March 24, 2008

Up, Down, All around

Weather update.
Today was a sunny day.
Didn't get cloudy til I arrived home.
Still pretty sunny but got consistently cloudy as the evening wore on.
I called the dr today.
Insisted on talking to my actually dr.
The nurse goes "No, your Dr. is Dr. Concepcion"
Um, no.
I go "No, my Dr. is Dr. Dimapilis"
Nurse: "No, it appears you've never seen her"
(Now if I have never seen her how would I even know her name, etc)
So I said "Well I have. Perhaps you should check under my other married name "
Nurse ", ah, yes there you are, now why do you want to see her"
At this point I had already talked to the nurse, so I reiterated.
When I told her that Dr. C. said I was depressed & sad but wouldn't give me meds, the nurse snorted & chuckled to herself in that way that says "Ah, yes, your another one who is complaining about her"
I am not complaining about her.
I think she's great.
She just is not helping me at this time.
So, I give her my info & she says she will have the dr call me.
It is 10:16pm...I called at 1pm.
Guess who is still waiting for the dr. to call her back?
I will call again tomorrow BUT that's it.
Then I will go back to my old doctor.
So Bobster is snoring all of 2 feet away from me, laundry in in teh washer & South Park on tv.
I think it's time for bed.
Woops out!