Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheeks Chatter

So someone has learned some words in the last week or so.

First word, Cookie! Go figure. He had one small vanilla wafer as dessert with lunch one day & after that he was able to say cookie. Of course, the other day I called him "One Smart Cookie" & he signed "more", which for him also means to eat! LOL

He can say baby, go, hi, bye....he is growing up right before my eyes.
Why didn't any of you tell me he would be getting older so quickly!

Not much going on here.
Still on the never ending quest to save moola.
So yesterday it was a nice surprise to get my $25 rebate check in the mail from Pep Boys for my windshield wipers & a $5 g/c to Sears for signing up for their weekly ads in my email.
I also got more freebies.
Love getting the freebies!!!!
Love getting the money & gift cards even better.

I also went food shopping yesterday & got a few things for free.
Plus I found my inner Betsy Ross & sewed a button on Bobster's khakis.
Go me!
I even made dinner.
I grilled pork chops in my cast iron grill pan & fried up so french fries. Sure, at 37, my mommy had to tell me how to do the fries BUT really I wasn't raised to live a lifetysle of cooking & cleaning. I am more the get waited on hand & foot type of gal. The darn maid was off yesterday so what was I to do?

Then last night, after Cheeks went to bed, Bob & I rented Good Luck Chuck.
It was so cute!!!!!!
And that Dane Cook...what a cutie!!

Today, Bobster & I went to
The Reading Terminal Market. Not a lot was open b/c it's mostly Amish stores but we still managed to get a muffin & Bobster got a hoagie from Carmens. He said it sucked. My muffin was ok. Next time we will have to go on a Saturday to take advantage of the yummy Amish food!

Last night I was woken up at 3:15am by 2 guys outside.
They were fighting.
Well one was telling the other "You wanna throwdown, we will fkn throwdown!"
The other guy "Dude, I am not going to jail"
Guy #1 "Dude, that's my best friend, I will not let you say that, I will fk you up!"
This went on for about 30 mins before they settled things amicably & went inside.
Of course, me, Gladys Kravitz, got up & tried to see them but I think they were on the side of the building.
Good times!

Night before I was asleep when Bob came home to ask me what was going on at the corner...a total of 100 feet from my door.
Bad accident.
You get the picture.

Well I have babbled on long enough...guess those pills are working!

Woops out!



that a lot of excitement

Cheeks is precious..Sounds like he keeps you busy

Miss Mommy

I have been trying to get to the reading Terminal for so long now....I am so curious to see what yummy things they have. My mom loves it there!!


Sounds like you had alot of action around your house.

Cheeks is too cute! Getting cuter and cuter!


I'm so proud of you for trying to save money like you do. I've had no choice because of our situation, but wow, good for you!