Monday, June 29, 2009


My kitchen.
Just Cheeks & I.

Cheeks is clowning around when he trips over his own 2 feet & flies sideways into my washer.
Cheeks looks at his mommy & says:

"I've been drinking!"

Van w/ family

Bobster & the mommy are playfully discussing what RPM's stand for. TimBob joins in the conversation. The Mommy will insist that RPM stands for Rotations per Mile. Bobster & TimBob are trying to keep their composure while telling her it stands for Revolutions per Minute (whatever!).
Cheeks decides to help out by saying(Loudly):

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Stop! First it's &*&#*$&("

This scene replays for about 2 miles or so.

Van w/ parents

Parents are discussing what not to say to other drivers while Cheeks is in the car.
Parents are under the impressions that Cheeks is so preoccupied with his toys & sippy cup that he isn't paying attention. After discussing the final phrase, under her breath, of what not to say to people who tick you off while driving Cheeks repeats:

"What the f*ck, j*off!?"

Parents ignore & hope it goes away. (so far it hasn't been said again...whew, crisis averted for now!)

So, what "ism's" have your children uttered??