Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Money Can't Buy You Love BUT It Can Buy You Children

Well, if the rumors are true, Friday will be the grand announcement that Madonna is now allowed to adopt the child from Malawi that she has been trying to for the past few month.

Hmmm, now I admire Madonna for lots of reasons, say being a good business woman, a talented artist, and persistant!

What I don't admire is someone who has a ton of money "buying" a child.
A child from another country as well.

Every child deserves a home.
I would like to let Madonna begins at home there missy!

Why don't you use the money you have earned over the span of your career and perhaps adopt a toddler in this country?
How many older children are in foster care? Or on the streets? Or in abusive homes? How many will never know a warm bed? a warm meal? or what it is like to be loved?

Madonna, your money would go far in the US...yes, even in this economy.
Take a look at the malnourished, starved for attention children that live in this country.
Our country has poverty, strife and illness.
While we are the strongest nation, we have our share of children that need good homes.

I do not begrudge "Mercy" a warm home & bed & a loving family but what about the "Mercy's" of the US.
If I could I would throw my money out there & adopt an older child who needs a home in this country.
So if anyone knows where I can adopt a child for the amount of my savings ($100 or so) let me know.

Money works in mysterious or not so mysterious ways.
It allows those to buy their way around rules.
So much for the residency law of that country.
Or for the judge standing behind his ruling.

I wish you luck Madonna in your adoption but perhaps, in the future, you will look in your own country for another child to adopt.
And you know what, that goes for you, Angelina & Brad. How about adopting the next Jolie-Pitt from here in the US?
Just a thought.

I know I will probably receive flack for this post
So be it.
My blog so.....

Well tell me, what is your opinion?




Oh don't even get me started on the money that goes to foreign aide, when hundreds of thousands of US children go to bed hungry every night! It's so sad.