Tuesday, June 23, 2009

That'll wake you up!

Avert your eyes!
Avert your eyes!

Yes, tis me.
After a long day at work.
Sans make up.
I really don't wear it.
Once in a while.

That's right...take in the pasty skin, double chin & hair that needs to cut.
I am a vision no?

I figured since I am writing at the beginning of my day, I would throw in a pic of me at the end of the day, in traffic.
Why am I up so early?
Work for one
More so because at friggin 6 AM the twonship decided to cut down some trees & do utility pole work across the street from my house.
Thanks Haddon Twp!
I appreciate it.
As does the 2 yo upstairs who you woke up.
Good times.

So on that note, I am outty
1st I want you to tell me what do you think of Jon & Kate's decision?

I was up last night & kept waking up feeling very sad for them & the kids.
Heartbreaking, I wish they could have worked things out.




You are so beautiful! Even without makeup - maybe even more so because it's *you* - really you...

Noah's Mommy

It is so sad....I keep wondering if they even tried to go to counseling...or if it just wasn't in the cards....Jon just sounds so over it..."I'm excited and hurt"....Excited? really?....to break up your family?....I feel so bad for everyone.


You are very pretty! Even without the makeup!