Friday, July 17, 2009

Am I.....

The only one who wants one of these:

That's right.
The Cricket Expression.

I will watch this infommercial every time it's on.
Just this morning.
Instead of watching the news & getting informed, I watched the Cricket infommercial & thought "oooooh, aaaah, I need that!"

Sure I have to drag my scrapping supplies out of every nook & cranny of this place, b/c I live in a shoe and I probably haven't scrapped since January b/c of being tired & what not
I need the Cricket. (whew! Boys & girls, can you say "Run on sentence!")

I just watch this one over & over again & think how cool everything they make is.
Totally love this!
Must have one!
Some day, right?

I am also a big fan of the infommercial for the little steamer I think it's called.
It's with an older lady with big hair & some guy.
It's a round, red unit & she makes sliders & omelets & pizza out of leftovers, in like seconds!!!
Must have one of those as well.

So my question is......what "must have" item do you need from an infommercial?




I have the Cricut Expression. It's been in my attic for nearly 3 years now. I have too little of a house and too many children to bring it out. I'd love to cut some vinyl with it. Alas, all my other projects seem to take precedence.

Lately, when I'm tempted by an infomercial...and watching them is one of my hobbies...I've been going online to read the reviews. That's saved me a lot of time on trying to decide if I REALLY need it.

Right now I'm wanting the new Bullet Express. It's a full size Magic Bullet (which I don't have either). I just don't think I have room in my kitchen for it.

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Mary R

I don't have the expression but have the small cricut. I love my cricut!!!! I have had it for a year and have used it alot!
As for infomercials -I don't have cable anymore so no tv..but when I did -gosh anything to do w/the kitchen gadgets!