Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jersey Corn - It can't be beat

I have thank the Westmont Farmer's Market for having some Jersey fresh corn tonight.
I saw some tweets about it on Twitter (follow me...mkw70) & asked some local girls if they knew how much per ear.
Well .50 cents per ear was the price so I went after picking up Cheeks from daycare.

The market is held on the side street in that upper pic.
It was really nice albeit small.

Ok by me tho.
They had the corn that I wanted
Fresh rhubarb which I have been dying to get my hands on to make something yummy

They was a bakery stand selling cookies so Cheeks was happy as well.

Let me tell you, the corn was so friggen yummy!
Nice & sweet.
And this is the 1st time I ever cooked corn on the cob & had no idea it turned yellow when it was cooked. I thought it was yellow all the time. This was the sweet corn that starts out white but in the water for a bit & yellow it was.
Don't laugh @ me!
You have all done something or thought something silly in your lifetime too. Tee hee.

I highly suggest if you are in the area or in NJ anytime soon, make sure to get some of our corn.

What do you like to buy at your local Farmer's Market?
Do you support local food?
I'm interested in knowing.
Do tell.




I buy whatever veggies that looks good and sounds good at the time when we go to the Farmer's Market. Which happens here every saturday from April to October.


We go to Stella's in Berlin/Winslow Twp, NJ for our homegrown Jersey veggies! I can't believe you actually got Jersey corn before the 4th...that is a rarity! I will be stalking Stella's after work tomorrow.

Renée aka Mekhismom

Fresh corn. Sounds so good. I think I might pick some up today. Yum!