Thursday, July 23, 2009

Too Hot To Cook

First let me preface this with the following:

When you put the keywords "Hot & Sweaty" in swagbucks or google to search on images....OH! You see it all.

Now onto our post.

I haven't had much submissions to be featured on our Too Hot to Cook Thursdays.
If anyone has a recipe, please let me know & you will have the chance to be featured on an upcoming Thursday post.

Today I thought we would just visit some ideas to do when it's Too Hot to Cook.

Let's see......

1. Take out. My personal fav b/c it's no fuss, no muss. Of course when you have no money, taking out can be a bit iffy.

2. Grill. Or as I sometimes like to call it "Burn, baby, burn!" (I have over grilled in the past)

3. Salads or pasta salads.

4. Sandwiches/wraps (anyone have good ideas for wraps?)

5. Breakfast for dinner.

6. Cheesesteaks. (I made these in less than 4 minutes last night & they were pretty darn tasty)

Well I have come up with six, now you give me some ideas.



Miss Mommy

In referance to your #1...Have you tried the new $6 meals at Wegman's yet?? They are so yummy!! And so very reasoanable for just $6 each!!

As far as wraps have you tried the Flat Out wraps at Wegman's they are $2.99 a can not only make wraps with them, but we also make little pizzas with them too!! This way the kiddies have cheese pizzas, and hubby and I get to enjoy all the veggies on ours!! Mmm!!