Monday, July 27, 2009

What am I? 17?!!!??

See those lovely bandaids up there.
Spiderman to be exact.
I have one gracing the left side of my neck.

Why you ask?
Well, Bobster thinks it's hysterical to hold me down & give me hickeys.
Oh yea.
You read that right.
At my age.

I was screaming at him to get off of me.
It's not like I can push him off.
He's 6'2 1/2 & "big boned" (then again, aren't we all...sigh).

I yelled at him that I have to work a respectable job where the white trash tattoo he is giving me isn't going to fly.
He laughed.
Told me to cover it up with cover up.

If that only worked.
Perhaps I will just tell everyone I was burned by a curling iron.
Believable, no?
My hair is stick straight so everyone will just automatically believe that excuse.
Just like a 17 yo girls parents believe it.

So, if you happen to see me today, just know that the white trash tattoo was placed there by Bobster, when he was joking around....not fooling around if you get my drift!

Now tell me, does your significant other torture you like this as well?



Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

ROFLMBO... no way... I'd not let Kevin close enough to do it. I can't stand them, never could. I'd never ever let him live one down. Now him, on the other hand... well, he'd LOVE to have one. I have no idea why men think these are some kind of "Badge of Honor". You're quite right - Trashy Tattoo...


I had one too last week. I told him (Dave not Bobby) to get off of me..and he didn't. and he left a mark. He thought it was funny too...