Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Today is the the viewing for Michael Jackson.
It's taking place at the Staples Center in L.A.
A state that is bankrupt. Has nooooo money.

So, the Staples Center is being used.
Basically an entire police force is being used for crowd control. (so criminals ,feel free to run amok in LA!)
Not to mention other employees that will be there.

Is all the necessary?

Really, don't get me wrong. I feel sorry for the Jackson family (minus Joe Jackson, he's a putz!). They lost a son, a child. I couldn't get over that if it were to happen. Michael was young...50...almost 51. I feel sorry for his children. They lost the only parent they know, at such young ages.

Do I think the Jackson family should have made tickets to his viewing a lottery?
Do I think they should allow anyone who can get a ticket to view him?

I understand that Jackson was a pop icon.
I like some of his songs.
I understand he did a lot of good in this world.
I also understand he had child molestation counts against him that were settled "out of court."

What I don't understand is why the spectactle?
Did Ed McMahon get this?
Did Farrah?
How about Karl Malden?

They were viewed, buried & put to rest.
End of story.

Death isn't your final show, you final star.

I think that having this Jackson viewing is a circus for all of us to watch.
Let the man rest.

Honestly, I don't care who you are, I never want to go to viewings.
I do go but hate every minute at them.

I just feel that this is a lot of money going towards something that the world can do with out.
Did Ronald Reagan get this fanfar when he died?
Did Ray Charles?
How about our local news reporter, Gary Papa?
He was an icon to the Philadelphia area yet his family did it privately.

If you are a fan of MJ & agree with this viewing, great.
I respect your views.
If you agree with me, awesome, if you don't, so be it.

So I will keep the Jackson family in my prayers that they are able to get thru their grief.
I just still wonder if perhaps all this $$$ being spent today on this "circus of a viewing" couldn't have been donated to one of the charities Michael supported & his family had a ceremony for themselves & friends. No fans.




AMEN Meghan!! All programming this afternoon is being pre-empted to show the memorial. Sorry, I can think of a ton of other things I'd rather do -- like, um...playing with my girls!

~ Jennifer

Tara O

Hey Meghan....I think the two of us are alone in this opinion....LOL.


Meghan I have to admit I watched the memorial, but I tend to agree with you. I think Michael himself would have been uncomfortable with having such a spectacle made out of his funeral. He was, after all, a shy man who hid, as much as he could, from the public. And I also think he would have been happier had all that money been donated to a charity. How did you ever get so smart! LOL