Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broke out the Fall door decor

First & foremost I would like to say that Chet is gone. I don't know where he went but he's gone.
Sure, he left his web.
Didn't even have the common decency to clean up after himself. Left his home & all.
I hope he doesn't come back.
Very poor pet/houseguest.

Now since the fall like weather has hit South Jersey (for the most part), I thought I would break out the fall door decor.

I simply love my fall arrangement.
I got the tin thing through Southern Living....love them!

The hydrangeas are from Michaels.
The beady dohickeys are from Michaels as well.

The ribbon is courtesy of the Dollar Tree.
You can find some cheap decor stuff there, along with pregnancy tests.
Yea, sure, b/c I would trust the accuracy of a Dollar Tree preggy test.
And NO! I am not pregnant....at least I don't think I am.
I probably just caused the Nana to have a slight stroke that there is a possibility.
Appratently I am the spawn of Satan when I am pregnant.
Geesh...I just get a little irritable.

I digress.
Anyway I will prob. break out the rest of the fall decor this coming weekend.

How about you?
Are you decorated for the season yet?
Got your Halloween treats up?




Even though I live oh...probably like 5 miles away from you...I'm holding out until...I don't know....when I just can't take what I have now anymore.....


Your door hanging is so pretty. I can't get into the fall mood while the temp is still 100 LOL. I can't wait for comfort food weather!! (I need chicken and dumplings)

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

OMGosh, first of all you can't leave us hangin' like that! Are you or aren't you?

Second, love the decor... haven't done one smidge of decorating and probably won't...

So what's up Meghan?? Do tell!


I have not got any fall or halloween things out and up. I do love your door flowers!


Just browsed your site looking for some fall decorations for a contest we have every year to decorate the deparment door. I seem to be the one to have to brainstorm and come up with some "great" idea to decorate. The ideas do not come easily, but how did I get rooked into this for the 4th time and who gets to do the decorating and undecorating, lil' ol' me (as she is complaining loudly, she sighs once more!)Anyone with any "brilliant" ideas for me, I run out of energy and creative talent (if I ever had any to begin with) about this time of year! Keep in mind that I end up being the clean up crew too, so staw and hay and stuff that makes a horrific mess is not ideal. The department is in a hospital so I have to keep that in mind as well. Help,ya'll I need some ideas, the ol' well has gone dry! Just call me "Uncreative One"