Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day or in the house "Happy Potty Training Day"

See that clown up there?
Not the one with the pasty white skin & red hair
The tan one...well as tan as one of my children would ever get.

I finally decided yesterday to go balls to wall & potty train Mr. Man.
So far, just one accident.
I am very happy with his progress.

Right now, he's napping.
In just underwear.
We shall see if he wakes wet or not.

Guess I'll be doing the laundry a lot more this week.
Everytime he goes on the potty I give him a treat.
Daycare should be interesting with that little positive reinforcement!

So that's where I have been.
Potty training
Just enjoying some much needed time off.
I actually found time to change my shower curtain liner.....almost a year after I bought the replacement.
Just be grateful you don't shower at my house!

The weather has me itchin to change the decor over to fall
I just can't bring myself to do it when I know it's still "officially" summer.
Soon, tho, very soon.

So, what are you all doing for Labor Day?
How did your kiddies fare in the potty training?
Let me know.




We are BBQ'ing with the family...some 20 people in my house/yard. And I go back to work tomorrow...wish Rich had been off yesterday so we could have this family thing then! I just want to read my book right now!

Potty training-yeah ok, not doing well in that department at all. I'm convinced Eric knows when he needs to go and is capable of holding it, but just plain refuses to be bothered. I'm sure having two VERY stubborn parents isn't helping either, he can definitely give you a run for your money!

Your cool friend Cheryl

We're starting potty training. I think I may actually prefer changing diapers...


We are not doing much. Just hanging out and doing things that needs to be done.

Good luck on potty training.


my children actually did quite well with the potty training. meghan is 39 now and i think she caught on. erin too... try putting blue food coloring in the pottie and have him aim at it. it'll turn green... if you keep giving him treats everytime he goes he'll be 800 pounds by

Noah's Mommy

I know what you mean...what is up with this cool weather?....Totally feeling the fall vibe...went to the shore sunday...yeah not so much!....Glad the potty training thing is going well so far...good for him!!!