Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bzzz, Bzzzz, Buzzzz, Bzzzz

This is my life.
About 5 weeks ago or so I started finding bees in Cheeks room.
One here.
One there.

Just thinking they were getting in when we opened doors or windows.
Then about 2 weeks ago I was in his room & was killing bees left & right.
Bobster had already been in his room & killed about 5 or so.
While I was in there, I lifted his shade & lo & behold there are about 10 of them in the corner of his window.
I locked up his room & Cheeks has been sleeping in our bedroom since.

I called the office of where I live.
Explained the problem.
Now I did notify them 3 weeks prior & all I got & my neighbor got was a letter asking us not use the front door.

So I bitched to the answering service, didn't get anywhere, bitched to the maint. guy, didn't get anywhere. The office mgr here didn't seem to want to be bothered or help me out so I called the corp. office in North Jersey.

Finally, the office mgr had an exterminator come out.
The exterminator tried to kill the suckers off but to no avail the bees lived on.

So the office mgr got a bee expert who came out yesterday.
Come to find out...the bees had built their hive in the floorboards of Cheeks room.
There is now a 12x12 hole in my child's bedroom floor.

Everything should be resolved by this weekend.
And the bees are gone.
You can see Cheeks window in relation to my front door in this pic:

What's that?
What are those papers over my front door?
Oh those are like fly paper except they attrack bees.

You can get a good look at the amount of bees that were living in my floor in the following pics:

The office mgr didn't think we had a problem.
Guess those bees proved his ass wrong.
Then again the office mgr walked in when the bee expert was removing the hive & the bees attacked him, stinging him on the neck & face.
Well, buddy, KARMA IS A BITCH! Isn't it?
Sorry I am a bit bitter.

Oh & the hive?
The expert had to put in in a 5 gallon bucket to get it out of the house.

So what unexpected house guests have you had lately?




OMG we've had bees here too! They just keep coming in and no idea where from! They haven't been stinging though, and are pretty mellow, allowing us to just shoo them out, but it's pretty disconcerting when they fly into your hair... EEP!


Yikes! I am glad that they are gone and that no one got stung. We always had wasp around our house(s) But they never made hives in the house. Just outside and would come in and be pains. lol

Jennifer Sawchuk

I would also contact the rent control board, Bonnie is at the Municipal office. They may not do anything about the bees but maybe they can do something about the response from the office!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

OMG MEGAN!! This is insane! I swear, I'd be calling the BBB or the corporate office again for a reduction of rent or some sort of proper compensation... This is crazy! Not to mention life threatening!


ohhh yucky....that's awful...I got stung by a wasp this freaking glad cheeks didn't get stung....


Holy moley! I had to laugh a little when the manager got stung, hehehe. We had BIG black ants a few weeks back that were causing me to flip out a bit. I hate bugs!

Tara O

SHUDDER. Seriously. I am allergic to bees. YUCK


Argh! That is the scariest thing I have ever heard of. In the floor boards? I would have been running around the apartment screaming my head off. I'm so freaked out right now.



When I was a teenager there was a wasp's nest just below my window (on the outside of the house, though!) Somehow they'd get into my room and almost every morning I woke up to the buzzing of a wasp. My parents still have issues with that nest, they have tried EVERYTHING.

I hope the problem is totally taken care of! I would hate for that to be happening in my baby's room!