Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Oh that's right my dear loyal readers.
Christmas is right around the corner.
Like 11 weeks away.

Well, last year I discovered this blog/community:
100 Days to Christmas
What a fabu site!!!
Jennifer, the owner, posts something everyday to do to get ready for the Holidays.
And she includes everything in the holidays.
Like Halloween activities & Thanksgiving checklists etc.
Talk about a motivator.
This year she even started a community where you can go & chat it up with other people trying to get their "holiday on" (I'm so street, it's scarey, no?)

Anyway, go check it out!
100 Days to Christmas
Sign up!
Tell her I sent you
Just go.

You will not be disappointed.

First, tell me how are you preparing for all your activites for between now & the Christmas/Hannukah season?




So glad that you are a part of the 100 Days to Christmas community! Love to meet like-minded holiday nuts like me!! And I love feeling like I am accomplishing things in a timely manner. Love your blog!


Mary R

Ohhhh I know someone who has to see that site. She LOVES Christmas.


I haven't started preparing. lol Will have to get Halloween stuf out soon.

The Wonder of Christmas

Thanks for posting about that interesting website! There are some great tips there. All I have started so far is a bit of my Christmas gift shopping :-)