Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversations with a 3yo...

The other evening Cheeks was leaning up against me as we sat on the couch.
He turned to me & said:
"Are those your pirates?"
I replied:
"What? What are you talking?"
The exchange went on for a few more seconds when he finally got exasperated & exclaimed:
"Mommy! Are those your Pirates!!!??"
All the while pointing to my breasts.
I started to laugh.
"Oh you mean Privates? Yes they are"
Cheeks rolled his eyes & said:
"Yea, mommy your Pirates!"

The other evening Cheeks was sitting between his father & I watching, what else, "The Incredible Hulk".
As Bobster & I carried on a conversation Cheeks became aggitated.
His father started to ask him what the Abomination's name was in the movie.
Bobster "Is it Ted?"
Cheeks "No, it's Abomidnation"
This went on for about 2 minutes when Cheeks finally exclaimed
"Shhhh! I'm trying to watch this!"

One night last week Cheeks had a cookie.
He took a bite.
I had him ask his father if he would like a cookie.
I gave Cheeks the cookies & instructed him to give it to his daddy.
He walked into the living room & said "Daddy I have your cookie"
The promptly handed him the one he had bitten & kept the intact cookies.

Last night we were having pizza for dinner.
Cheeks kept telling me he wanted to try the one with pineapple.
There were 2 slices left, one pineapple, one plain.
I give him the one with pineapple, he proceeds to take the pineapple off.
"What are you doing? Give me that piece & you can have this one Cheeks"
"No I want this one, I want to try it" as each pineapple lands on his plate.
He finally field strips it when I say to him "You could have just had this one"
He replies
"Yes, but this one is bigger"

So what convo's have you had lately?