Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to keep a 3yo busy

First gather your baking supplies & your decorator.
Realize you do not have a rolling pin so you resort to using a filled spaghetti sauce jar.
Oh that's right, that's called the White Trash rolling pin.
Just keeping it real.

Cut out the annual Christmas T-Wreck dinosaur.

I know it's T-Rex but he insists & will correct you that it is T-Wreck.

Cut out the Snowman & let him go to town decorating.
At this point I allowed him to sample the decor.
I'm lucky there was any left to put on the cookies.

Follow directions & watch cookies explode. The ones in the lower right on your screen are supposed to be Triceratops.

These I put in for less time.
Perfect consistency but they got a bit BIG!

How are you keeping your little ones busy this season?
Have you started your holiday baking?



We made some really cute teacher gifts that I'll be blogging about as soon as the creative juices hit. Be sure to stop by to see them, super easy and I know they'll come in handy.