Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seriously, I should know better...

Thanks to Twitter I recently won a pizza gift card thru Comcast Sports.
Yea me!
It was for Domino's.
Not my family's first choose but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

So last night, after it took me almost 90 mins to get home, which is normally a 35 min drive, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Plus I had a mountain of laundry to do so I decided to use the gift card.

Easy ordering.
Love it.
One 16" pizza, half bacon.
Easy, no?

Apparently, on Sunday of this week there was a run on this size pizza.
The guy from Dominos called me to tell me they were out of the 16" & they didn't even have boxes for a 16" pizza.
Dominos ran out of pizza?
Are you kidding me?

So we agreed on a 14" w/ a side of cheesy bread.
OVER 45 mins later my pizza arrives.
Luke warm.

I set it in front of the king & the prince & open the box.
There sat the most pathetic, reheated pizza I had ever seen.
The person that made it, didn't make it, they just pulled scraps from unused pizza & shoved it in the box. Different size slices & they were all curling up from being reheated.
Then I opened the cheesy bread.
Wait, make that the plain bread with a crumb of congealed cheese.
To say I was pissed was an understatement.

I called back the # that called me to tell me about the pizza.
It's the guys cell.
I tell him what happened.
He offers to remake everything.
It arrives.
Looks tons better.
Of course it arrived 45 mins after I called.

It was pretty icky
The guy mad good on getting me out new pizza.

I just should know better than to ever order from Dominos.
They pretty much suck & it was approx 90 mins after I placed the order that I got my meal.
Whatever happen to 30 mins or free?
Even the online ordering said 15 - 20 mins for my delivery.
Then the guy told me the person that made my pizza left for the day.
Of course he did, mine was the last one he made before he left b/c it was a sh*t a** job.

I should b*tch since the kid made good on it
I want to know your experiences with Dominos.

Tell me.

I will not be a return customer b/c this happens more time than not with them.




Dominos pizza isn't even pizza in my book. Several years ago, our neighbors invited us over for some pizza, it was Dominos. Let me say, I'm from Chicago, home of awesome pizza, not cardboard with sauce and cheese. And when you invite grownups over for pizza it should never be Dominos! Bleh.


you know i hate domino's to begin with. i'm not a pizza fan but this place is the worst. the pizza is always cold tough and the cheese is burnt... the delivery people are nasty and rude and almost always late. if you want a good pizza make it y ourself... the nana


We are not Domino's fans at all. But my parents order it (from the Audubon one) occasionally when we get together and it's never been crappily made and it's never taken that long or arrived cold.

Hubby and I just don't like the taste of Domino's. And Hubby actually won't even eat it anymore because it makes him sick. We prefer pizza from "real" pizza places rather than the big chains. They are much tastier.

Miss Janice

I don't like Domino's pizza delivery. When I'm reading this, I'm thinking you must be very brave. I have become so paranoid, that if I complain about food, I don't accept a recplacement, 'cuz I would be afraid of what the workers would do to my food. I'm a little paranoid, huh?