Friday, December 04, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger,

Really Tiger?
Did you think you would get away with it?
You are Tiger Woods....a pro golfer, celebrity.
Hear that....celebrity!

My opinion of what is going on doesn't matter, what I think is that the media needs to leave you alone.

You have 2 sweet babies who will be able to google this when they are older.
Doesn't the media have any consideration?
Don't answer that.

Hopefully you will straighten this out.
If you do, wonderful.
If you don't, shame on you & I hope your wife takes you for everything. Did I just really write that?

As for the media, leave him be.
He has children.
I am sure you in the media have children & realize how devastating this can be.

Tell me, what do you think?


Suburban Princess

Ugh does anyone really care about this whole thing? Everytime I turn on the tv or radio it is all Tiger!

I wonder what would happen if every newscast had a story about all the children who went to bed hungry instead!


meg i appreciate your thoughts and opinions but i have to disagree. when this slimey dirt bag decided ( and it was a decision) to have these affairs he didnt think about his children. this is entirely his fault. i agree the children shouldnt be hurt by this but they will be and it's not the fault of the media. they have a job to do and they did it. they report the news good or bad. i dont want to listen to this kind of crap but it's "news". there is freedom of the press no matter what we think or even like. they report. if you dont like what is reported in the paper, tv or the internet it's "your" responsibility to turn away from it. i for one hate the media and what it does to the celebrities of the world but if you live in a glass house like they do expect to be seen... i know you cant hear my tone on this thing and i'm not being snotty. it just is what it is. this is totally tiger wood's fault. he played and unfortunately his family will pay.... karma is a bitch. remember the bees????