Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Here's your real NJ Housewives!

I'm not gonna lie to you.
I love this show.
Monday night I was riveted to Bravo watching the rerun's of the NJ Housewives, waiting for the premiere of the second season to start.

I watched.
I enjoyed.
While I thoroughly enjoy this show this is not the reality of a NJ housewife.

First, these women are from North Jersey.
To us in South Jersey, that's like another state.
Plus they are from Franklin Lakes.
Um, hello, upper class neighborhood.

I would like Bravo to featur the real housewives of NJ.
Those of us who get up in the morning.
Get ourselves and our family ready for the day.
Then fill up the "used" minivan on our ATM card & hope it doesn't clear before we get paid.
Drop off the kids at school/pre-school.
Then head off to work for 9 hours minus 1 hour for lunch.
Leave work,
Pick up child from day care.
Head home,in traffic, on a hot day in a car w/o a/c.
Make dinner but first clean up the mess that has magically appeared from early in the day when no one was home.
Clean up dinner.
Do some laundry.
Bathe some kids.
Put kids to bed.
Pick up.
Figure out how to make the money last all month.

You all get the drift.
I want to see the moms who do it all.
Who lose sleep over the bills being paid or the child acting up at daycare & it is "obviously" only your child who is doing this.

The moms who are overweight.
Don't wear make up all day.
Barely do their hair.
Hope the clothes they have on aren't stained.

Film the kids.
Watch while the youngest runs around half naked yelling "penis, magina! I like them mommy"
Focus on the father who asks any of the children to "pull his finger" so he can omit a loud noise that is usually followed by a smell so foul we have to fumigate the house.

Yes,America, this is the life of a real NJ Housewife.
Where our parties are few & far between & usually involve some sort of demonstration, ie: Tastefully Simple, Tupperware.
Would you like to buy some wrapping paper for my kids preschool?
Great that will be $12!

So tell me, how is it being a housewife in your town?




OMG, hilarious Meghan...we call ourselves here, the Real Housewives of Orange County, outside the gates of Coto! Follow us around, we are far more funny and interesting!


You are right about South and North Jersey. We are as different as Philly and New York. Besides, where we live, we're simply a suburb of Philadelphia but in another state.