Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thinking ahead

Will you look at that shine on that bald little head?
Sad, really.
The bald spot is back yet I don't look that cute any longer.
Still chubby.
Bald spot.
Still smiling (with the help of medication...girls got to do what a girls got to do!)
Sadly, the big 40 is approaching.
Can you stand it?
I can't.

In just a little bit more than 2 months I will 40.
Really, I don't get it.
At work they just hired a new girl for our sales department.
She's 21.
Her mom?
My age.
Dear God, how is this happening!!!???

Inside I feel like a kid.
Especially if my mom is around.
Well she's the mom.

Does that mean, that I will the mom to Cheeks & his friends?
I know I am the mom but will I be THE mom.
You know, the one who can fix the problems, cook the meals, comfort when sick.
The kids in Cheeks preschool call me "Cheek's mom", then they usually tattle on him.
That's another post.
Cheeks & his preschool.

Tell me, are you having a momental bday this year?
Had one?
How did you cope?
I know 40 is still young & viral.
It's just that 40 is like a "moms" age.



Tara O

Love ya Meghan! When I turn 40 I'll be mom to a 19, 17.5, 15.5, 9.5, and 7.5 year old. ACK.

I think it's harder to have conversations such as the one I had with dh the other day...."Don't you think these YOUNG soldiers look younger than they did a few years ago". GASP...we are getting old. ROTF


Here's one to make your head spin...I turned grandma at 43! The joy of step kids LOL


i remember 40 meghan.. and yes i remember 60,61,62 and now 63...the birthday that bothered me the most was 30. but to be honest here how will i explain to my clients that i have a daughter who's a year older than moi?? is this fair to do to "THE MOM"??