Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank God, I got an adorable kid!

There I was.
Minding my own business.
Driving the mini van.
Off the exit ramp of one highway.
On to another highway.

Well at the top of that exit ramp is a 8 sided sign.
In red.
Has 4 letters on.
Normally I would see this.
I grew up here.
Today I kind of kept glancing to see if there was traffic coming in the lane I was going.
It wasn't.
So in the words of Cher from Clueless...
"I totally paused"

Unbeknowst to me, in my lane, beyond were I could see, was a police car.
With a policeman in it.

Next thing I know, the lights go on & I pull over.
He pulls behind me!!!
As if.

I had all my stuff ready.
He told me why he was pulling me over.
He was the sweetest cop EVER!

Then my Cheeks asked me a questioned & I replied.
The police officer thought I was talking to him & asked me to repeat myself.
I told him I was talking to my son, that his dad & I were trying to teach him that police officers are good & he is to go to one if he ever gets lost or in trouble.
The police officer moved so he could see Cheeks & said "Hey Buddy!" and smiled.

After he walked back to his car, to run my license & such, Cheeks says "Mommy is he going to write you a ticket?"
I told him I hoped not
I broke the law.

About 2 mins later the police officer appears at my window.
Hands me my stuff
Hands me police badge stickers for my "little guy!"
He then really nicely reminded me about the stop sign at the top of the ramp & let me go.


Thank God for cute kids!!
And really nice police officers!!

Have you ever gotten out of a ticket?



Oh wow! It's amazing what kids can do for you at times. LOL I've gotten out of a ticket before, when I had all FIVE of my kids with me...alone and very "harried." tee hee I guess they felt sorry for me!


05/23/10 .. Well; lets see, was it the cute kid who just happins to be my grandson or the fact that Meg. also told the police officer that her dad was a retired police officer who started in Cherry Hill in the 70s and that her uncle John is a retired Lindenwald, NJ police officer. No matter, I'm just as glad as Meg that a summons wasn't issued (39:4-144) failur to stop at a stop-sign, a fine and a big incress in you'r auto insurance not to worry Meg is going to STOP!!! at all stop signs from now on I love you, dad.


That is funny.


so CUTE! i love getting out of tickets... it like a 3 to 1 ratio.... one ticket out of every three stops... yikes! that makes me sound like a terrible driver!

super cute post!