Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a review, no it's a giveaway, no it's a review & a giveaway! Woo!

One World One Love by Michael Bolton.
Look at those eyes!
So blue!
That smile...oooh la la.

He's a good lookin guy sans the mullet.
Thank God that trend went to the wayside.

Onto the cd.
One World One Love is a cd of island melodies.
I was listening this in the mini van on a hot day with Bobster & the kids. 
As soon as it started playing I was daydreaming about being on a carribean island...alone. 

This is definitely a cd that you will want to have in your collection.
I can almost hear this music being played at Bahama Breeze & Sandals as I type!

Not to mention on this cd he has collaborated w/ Lady Gaga (Cheeks fav) & Ne-yo.
He's also touring the US & Europe for 6 months.

Out of the songs on the cd, my fav has got to be Ready for You.
Puts me in a relaxed mood immediately!

Not only did I get to review this great cd, Thanks to Team Mom Media, they are also providing me with one copy to give away to one of my lucky readers!!!


Here is what you have to do.

Leave me a comment telling me if you like Michael Bolton with the mullet or without.

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Easy Peasy, Cottage Cheesy.

You have until Tues, May 16th to get your entries in.  By 8pm est




I'm first so I win right? No mullet! They were gawd awful in the 80's and worse now!


I follo wyou on FB....I had no idea...I need me a FB like that


being a hairstylist and a proffessional "MULLET REMOVER" i'm going with the no mullet. will you please let me win something?? i'm always disqualified and i potty trained you. you're unfair to family members


I think he's HOT without his MULLET :)